Shakespeare’s Cymbeline  

I’m off to Stratford-upon-Avon tomorrow to attend a Wisdom Shakespeare workshop and see the play Cymbeline. The workshop is led by Peter Dawkins. I will be interviewing Peter on Sunday, June 12 about why it’s important to study the plays, at the very least knowing the stories of several plays. 

Here’s a little about Cymbeline:

Cymbeline deals with the mystery of initiatic death and resurrection, of evil overcome by good, of the corrupted old dying and the purer new being born, through the mysterious action of love that moves like a gentle air. It is a true mystery—a mythological drama in which the initiatic path is shown and great truths are revealed. Its secrets apply to both individuals and societies, to both nations and the world. It is a vision of hope and a science as to how it is achieved.

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