Childhood Home of Francis Bacon

Hello friends! Join me on this journey in and around London as I explore the origins of the Shakespeare plays and the mind that created them.

With a masters in teaching Shakespeare to children and youth, I am following my passion to dig deeper into the players on the London stage then. I believe even knowing the stories of several plays can change a person’s consciousness, helping them play their part more successfully on the world stage.

The narration isn’t perfect, and fact checking is necessary, but this is a start. Do enjoy and feel free to comment.

To the victory of your Self-expression!




4 thoughts on “Childhood Home of Francis Bacon”

  1. The Queen kept Bacon’s birth from the public not because she wanted everyone to think she was the virgin Queen, it was a deeper political reality with implications that had to do with Spain and England. King Phillip II (Catholic) wanted to marry Elizabeth and in doing so would be able to control the Protestant England. Elizabeth would lead Phillip on and in so doing would prevent a war with Spain which had a more powerful advantage militarily. Elizabeth’s coy game was to delay war with Spain as long as possible so England could have time to bolster it’s own navy and military. It wasn’t until 27 years after Elizabeth gave birth to Francis Bacon in 1561 that the Spanish Armada invasion would take place. By this time the many Spanish spies in England had heard the rumors that Elizabeth had bore children. (The Earl of Essex her second child who had marked an engraving above the door of his Tower Cell (Robart Tidir, the Welsh Spelling of Robert Tudor, a time capsule before his execution that he was of Tudor blood) The Robart Tidir engraving is still present in the Tower although there is no one there who will tell you why it exists as it remains to this day a state secret.


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